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The following are the results for Yakima School District students who competed at the recent Regional SkillsUSA Competition. They are now eligible to compete at the state competition to be held in April.

Advertising Design
        Kyle Bacon      Davis   1st Place
        Eunice Valencia Davis   2nd Place
        Anita Mendoza   Davis   3rd Place
        Taylor Griswold Davis    4th Place

Architectural Drafting
        Nick Kotlarz    Ike     1st Place
        Don Gardner     Ike     2nd Place
        Eduardo Diaz    Ike     3rd Place
        Ali Sellsted    Ike     4th Place
        Jon Purdy       Ike     5th Place
        Edwardo Cuevas  Ike     6th Place
        Margot Mejia    Davis   7th Place

        Alex Braman     Davis   1st Place
        Jacob Dixon     Davis   2nd Place

Power Equipment Technology
        Alexander Willson       Davis   3rd Place
        Manuel Jesus    Davis   5th Place
        Celestino Herrera       Davis   6th Place

Preschool Teaching Assistant
        Yasmin Zepada   Davis   1st Place
        Daisy Herrera   Davis   2nd Place
        Diana Davila    Davis   3rd Place
        Dawnelda Williams       Davis   4th Place
        Carla Solis     Davis   5th Place

Technical Drafting
        Jorge Mendoza   Davis   3rd Place
        Kalandria Avila Davis   6th Place
        Sergio Escalera Davis   10th Place

        Rope Whaley     Ike     1st Place

Action Skills
        Darius Gardner  Davis   1st Place
        Jessica Arellano        Davis   2nd Place
        Brandon Martinez        Davis   3rd Place
        Tia Martinez    Davis   5th Place

Chapter Business Procedure
        Zane Dellinger  Davis   1st Place
        Grant Kerr
        Juan Sorrano
        Miranda Whitworth
        Caleb Garland
        Alexann Watson

Extemporaneous Speaking
        Zane Dellinger  Davis   1st Plaec

Prepared Speech
        Zane Dellinger  Davis   1st Place

Quiz Bowl (5-Person Team)
        Miranda Whitworth       Davis   1st Place
        Zane Dellinger
        Mercedes Bradford
        Eric Gomez
        Juan Serrano        

       Orlando Farias  Davis   2nd Place
        Alexann Watson
        Caleb Garland
        Jorge Mendoza
        Grant Kerr