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Yakima School District Career & Technical Education (CTE) students did extremely well at the State Technology Student Association contests held March 22-24 in Bellevue.  Results are:

Washington State 2012 Pin Design Contest Winner:
       Stephanie Salazar       Stanton

Architectural Model (Team)
       Ali Sellsted    Ike     2nd Place (Team 1)
       Margot Mejia    Davis   3rd Place
       Jon Purdy       Ike     4th Place (Team 2)
       Brandon Garza   Ike     4th Place (Team 2)

CAD 2D Architecture
       Nick Kotlarz    Ike     1st Place
       Don Gardner     Ike     2nd Place
       Ali Sellsted
    Ike 3rd Place
       Margot Mejia    Davis   5th Place

CAD 3D Engineering
       David Nunez     Ike     2nd Place

Career Comparisons
       Carolina Baca   Stanton 5th Place

Construction Renovation (Team)
       Ali Sellsted    Ike     1st Place (Team 1)
       Nick Kotlarz    Ike     1st Place (Team 1)

       Eduardo Cuevas  Ike     2nd Place (Team 2)
       Don Gardner     Ike     2nd Place (Team 2)

Desktop Publishing
       Stephanie Salazar       Stanton 1st Place
       Carolina Baca   Stanton 2nd Place

Essays on Technology
       Stephanie Salazar       Stanton 4th Place
       Cameron Fry     Stanton 5th Place

Fashion Design
       Leti Macedo     Stanton 1st Place
       Stephanie Salazar       Stanton 1st Place
       Yasmin Cruz     Stanton 1st Place

Prepared Presentation
       Carolina Baca   Stanton 3rd Place

Scientific Visualization
       Kyle Bacon      Davis   1st Place
       Jesse Hibbs     Davis   3rd Place

Technical Sketching & Application
       Cesar Olivera   Ike     4th Place
       Ali Sellsted    Ike     5th Place        

Technology Bowl (Team)
       Kyle Bacon      Davis   5th Place
       Jesse Hibbs     Davis
       Margot Mejia    Davis

TSA/VEX Robotics Challenge (Team)
       Chris Jacobs    Stanton 7th Place
       Chris Gafford   Stanton
       Cameron Fry     Stanton
       Manuel Barajas  Stanton

* First place winners will have the opportunity to compete at the national competition in Nashville, Tennessee, June 21-25.

(Contacts: David Bray, Davis Teacher, 573-2532; Holli Wolcott, Stanton Teacher, 573-1200; and Shane Snodgrass, Ike Teacher, 573-2683)