Architecture and Construction Graduation Pathway

How our graduation pathway pages work

You will be guided through CTE Graduation pathway course options by your instructor and/or your counselor. If you have any questions, please contact your CTE program instructor or guidance counselor.

1st course title: Mechanical Drafting

Course Codes: TED 204 / TED 205

2nd course option: Architechtural Drafting

Course Codes: TED 211/ TED 212

1st course title: Small Engine Tech. 1

Course Codes: TEM 242 / TEM 243

2nd course option: Small Engine Tech. 2

Course Codes: TEM 342 / TEM 343

1st course title: Fabrication Technology

Course Codes: TEM 111 / TEM 112

2nd course option: Advanced Fabrication Technology

Course Codes: TEM 330/ TEM 331

skilled and technical courses - architect - mobile

1st course title: Welding 1

Course Codes: TEM 211 / TEM 212

2nd course option: Welding 2

Course Codes: TEM 311 / TEM 312

1st course title: Woods Technology Foundations

Course Codes: TEW 101 / TEW 102

2nd course option: Introduction to carpentry

Course Codes: TEW 210 / TEW 211


skilled and technical courses - welding -mobile