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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

STEM careers involve planning, managing and scientific research; professional and technical services such as physical science; social science; and engineering. Jobs also include laboratory and testing services, and research and development services.

Engineering & Technology Courses

  • 030198 Grade 7,8 USC 701, 801 Gr. Sustainable Design & Technology
  • 1504706 Grade 7, 8 UTC 750, 751, 752, 753 Robotics Foundation
  • 1504706 Grade 7, 8 UTC 674, 675, 676, 678 Technology Foundations
  • TET104, 105 Robotics Foundation
  • TED104, 105 CAD Drafting
  • TED201, 208 Tech Illustrations
  • Applied Geometry or 3rd Year Math
  • SCP331, 332 Principles of Technology 1
  • TET111, 112 Intro to Engineering Design
  • SCP431, 432 Principles of Technology 2

Other Related Courses

  •  Applied Geometry

Women in STEM

“Getting young women to participate in STEM programs has been identified nationally as a necessary educational goal to fill vital positions across the country. Research shows that the middle level is the most critical period to focus on with those efforts.  Below are some fantastic resources for STEM related data, marketing/engagement activities, and lesson plans.”

List of resources:

Women in Engineering and Technology:

Computer Scientist: Grace Hopper:

Girls Who Code:

The National Girls Collaborative Project:

American Association of University Women Hands-On STEM:

Society of Women Engineers: Http://

The National Science Foundation:

The National Science Teaching Association:

The National Education Association:

The US Dept. of Education:

The University of Colorado: