Congratulations to the Eisenhower Robotics team for placing 3rd in the “Light-Following” challenge of Zillah High School’s Robotics Competition held on Saturday, December 3rd! With about 40 teams competing this is a great accomplishment!

During the “Light-Following” challenge students designed, built, and programmed a robot which was programmed to follow a light source. The students then used a flashlight to lead that robot through four obstacle courses of varying length and difficulty.



The actual course the robot is to travel is unknown until the students arrive at the contest. They were able to test run their robot and make adjustments before the actual time trials. The students not only had to figure about how to get the robot to move, they also had to figure out how to get the sensors programmed  that do the light following.

Awards are based on the overall time it takes the robot to complete the four courses. Each student did one course, with Anthony Armstrong performing two courses.

The students who participated in the competition were Anthony Armstrong, Jaritza Modragon, and Erik Diaz-Vargas. This is the highest students from IKE have ever placed!