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Engineering, Manufacturing, & Technology Pathway

For students interested in how products and machines come together and like to work with their hands and their mind. The manufacturing industries make or package the things that we use or consume every day like cars, computers and food. Careers in advanced manufacturing offer exciting opportunities in designing and improving products, operating high-tech tools and machinery, analyzing problems and coming up with creative solutions.

Production – Manufacturing

  • TEM111, 112 Fabrication Technology
  • TEM211, 212 Welding Tech 1
  • TEW204, 205 Cabinet making 1
  • TEW101, 102 Woodworking
  • TEW304, 305 Cabinet making 2
  • TEM311, 312 Welding Tech 2
  • TEW313 Work-based Learning Technology
  • YVTech Metal Fabrication

Manufacturing Production Process Development 

Additional Pathways:

  • Maintenance
  • Installation & Repair
  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistics & Inventory Control
  • Health
  • Safety and Environmental Assurance

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