Several students from the Yakima School District participated in the Washington Technology Students Association (TSA) State Conferenceheld on March 27-29 in Bellevue.  The conference was the largest in the history of the organization with 640 participants.   Throughout the conference, middle and high school students competed in 57 events in Engineering, Robotics, Video Game Design, Leadership and much more.  These students delivered strong performances judged by industry professionals.  The students received valuable feedback to use in the future as they explore and prepare for careers.  Results for Yakima School District students are as follows:
Architectural Renovation High School
        Eleaha Olney    2nd Place Team  Eisenhower
        Fernando Vargas “             “                         
        Cesar Olivera   “             “
        Andrew McCarthy 3rd Place Team  Eisenhower
        Jordan Carlson  “             “
        Keana Fine      “             “
Career Preparation
        Karina Palacios 5th Place       Stanton
Computer-Aided Design 2D, Architecture High School
        Jordan Carlson  1st Place       Eisenhower
        Andrew McCarthy 2nd Place       Eisenhower
        Cesar Olivera   3rd Place       Eisenhower
        Dulce Diaz Martinez     4th Place       Davis
Desktop Publishing High School
        Laura Galindo   1st Place       Davis
        Taylor Griswold 5th Place       Davis
Engineering Design High School
        Francisco Narez 3rd Place Team  Eisenhower
        Luis Rodriguez  “           “
        Quirino Garcia  “           “
Extemporaneous Presentation
        Karina Palacios Top 10 Finalist Stanton
Fashion Design High School
        Karina Palacios 2nd Place Team  Stanton
        Kimberly Garcia “            “
        Nancy DeJesus   “            “
        Kathryn Mittlieder      “            “
Flight  Middle School
        Jordyn Wearin   1st Place       Franklin
        Koto Durkee     4th Place       Franklin
        Eli Gomez       5th Place       Franklin
Prepared Presentation
        Karina Palacios 3rd Place       Stanton
Problem Solving Middle School
        Eli Gomez       1st Place Team  Franklin
        Jorge Melchor   “                 “
Tech Bowl Team Middle School
        Yuleidy Rodriguez       4th Place Team  Washington
        Sandra Prado    “                “
        Jennifer Zamora “                “
Technical Design Middle School
        Koto Durkee     1st Place       Franklin
Technical Sketching & Application High School
        Andrew McCarthy 2nd Place       Eisenhower
        Jordan Carlson  5th Place       Eisenhower
TSA/VEX Robotics Challenge Middle School
        David Limon     3rd Place Team  Washington
        Antonio Estevez “               “
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Yakima Youth Awards – YSD Recipients   . . . The Yakima Youth Awards Ceremony was held on April 7 and several Yakima School District students received honors.  Those students and their categories are as follows:
        Haley Lantz     Eisenhower      Personal Achievement
        Kenneth Jones   Eisenhower      Arts
        Addison Wammock Nob Hill        Civic Community Service
        Emma Christianson       Nob Hill        Family Life
        Jose Maciel     Eisenhower      Family Life
        Lindsay Schwehr Eisenhower      Leadership
Small Group Award:
        Courtney Franz  Eisenhower Anti-Bullying Group 
        Kelly Gamboa
        Emma Kempf
        Ashley Ramirez
Congratulations to all of these students – you make us proud!
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YV Tech Teacher Earns Gonzaga Award . . . Congratulations to Bonnie Smith, YV Tech Medical Science Instructor, who was recently awarded the 2014 Jeanne Foster Wardian Leadership in Education Award by Gonzaga University School of Education.  The selection was based on scholastic achievement, evidence of positive leadership, commitment to education, and integrity of character.
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YSD Kitchen Staff to Participate in Kitchen War . . .Six staff members of the Yakima School District Nutrition Program will be competing in a Kitchen War in the Tri-Cities on Tuesday, April 15, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.  The event, sponsored by Sodexo, will take place in the Richland High School Cafeteria, and will highlight the kitchen talents of several folks in the area.  Representing Yakima School District will be Toni Euper, Jill Baughman, Lana Burwell, Rhonda Urlacher and Janelle Miller from Eisenhower, as well as Cathy Martin from Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary.  Attendees will not only have the opportunity to support their team members, but will also sample the creations and help in deciding whose cuisine reigns supreme by voting for their favorite dishes.  (Contact: Dan McLain, Sodexo School Services, 573-7086)